Visiting those in the florist industry is always a great delight as well as an eye opener. This visit took us to see Alison Penno at her shop, Flower Scene, in Launceston. While there was so much she and her team taught us in just one day, this festive post shows you how to make your own Christmas arrangement. Using a square pot instead of the traditional wreath gives you an alternative look and feel. This is a non floral arrangement too which means it can last the festive season!


You will need:

Birch Bark Pot Square 25cm - 11184176

Dried Foam Blocks - 187407

Four Pillar Candles - 1507003

Moondust Birch Bark Stars x120 - 11184008

Merry Christmas Ribbon

Dried Cinnamon Sticks - 128370

Green Dried Oranges 250g Bag - 2256

Dried Red Apple Slices 200g Bag - 4274

Dried Orange Slices Green 250g Bag - 4738

Red Grapefruit Dried Slices 200g Bag - 1465

Pine Cones - variety

Finland Moss 500g - variety


Glue Gun



Step One

Remove the plastic lining from the square bark pot. This will stop the design sliding around. Place the candles into the wooden frame. (Alison has off centered them slightly). Then cut the foam to a size that will tightly fit into the gaps left. Glue the foam into place using hot glue.


Step Two

With the moss, fill any gaps between the candles and foam. Also place the moss on top of the foam and pin into place using wire bent into a U shape. (Alternatively use moss pegs)


Step Three

To give the square pot an extra touch of festivity, Alison has added this Merry Christmas ribbon. Attach it to the box using a hot glue gun.


Step Four

Wire up a small collection of your fruits, pine cones and cinnamon bundles. For the cinnamon, Alison has wired three sticks together to give a greater impact. (for efficiency buy pre-wired apple slices and pre-wired cinnamon bundles)

Add an extra touch of loveliness and detail, by tying some ribbon around the cinnamon bundles to finish them off.


Step Five

Simply cut the wire down so that the lengths are equal and not to long. Begin to place your fruits, cinnamon and pine cones into the design.


Step Six

Take your wooden stars, as many as you like. (Alison used 5) Add a blob of hot glue to the back of the star.

Add wire, bent into a U shape, to the blob of glue. Hold in place until secure.

Cut the wire down to a even length and place into the foam in your design. Add the stars until you feel happy with the finished look.


The Finished Christmas Arrangement

You now have the perfect design for any table in your home, be it the dinner table when you invite family over for the Christmas season, or the coffee table for afternoon tea with friends or light the candles on a cold winters evening. The dried fruits and cinnamon give off a Christmassy aroma that will really get you feeling festive.

Thank you Alison.