Many florists are trying to reduce the use of traditional floral foam due to the impact it is having on the environment. The alternatives are things such as, chicken wire, frog pins and more recently, Agra-Wool International’s 100% Natural Floral Foam- Sideau Wool. 

Agra wool blocks

What is Sideau®?

Sideau® is an all natural- floral foam alternative, it is made of Earthwool®, a natural product made from basalt, a volcanic igneous rock. In addition, Sideau® is made with Ecose®, a natural binder, free from acetylates and formaldehyde’s making it fully biodegradeable. 

The name Sideau®

The product name Sideau® is derived from the first name of the owner of AgraWool, which is Sido. Furthermore the name consists of two phrases: Si and d’Eau, which explains one of the main characteristics of the product: it absorbs and holds water perfectly.

Artificial Flowers and agra wool

Sideau® Characteristics

  • 100% biodegradeable alternative to floral foam.
  • Can be used wet or dry and with fresh or artificial flowers.
  • You can easily cut to any shape and the product will not crumble.
  • Absorbs the water quickly and holds it well.
  • It will continue to absorb water so you can keep adding water to the arrangement
  • You can reuse the block a second time by wrapping a little chicken wire around it for extra stability.
  • Used blocks can be added to your compost heap.
  • It does not discolour the water.

For lots more information on the Sideau blocks and FAQ's please click here.

We have packs of 20 Sideau blocks and packs of 5 sheets available to purchase now in your local Country Baskets stores. To find the opening hours of your local store please click here.