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Summer Kites

These weaved kites would be perfect for hanging in your garden or home and are a brilliant craft for children. Everything you will need can be found in our Craft Department.

1. To make the frame of the kite we have used lollipop sticks; you can either split the sticks in half to make smaller kites or leave them as they are.


2. Once you have glued your sticks into a cross shape, begin wrapping the wool around in a cross shape to tie the end in; repeat three or four times.


3. Now you can begin creating the kite shape. Take the wool under the right stick and wrap all the way over. The the wool will now have passed all the way around the right hand stick and be sitting underneath it. Turn your lollipop sticks 90° anti-clockwise so that the wool is now on the top stick. Begin the process again by taking the wool down the right stick and wrapping underneath and all the way around. You must turn your sticks after each wrap so that the pattern builds up evenly.


Once you have filled the sticks simply tie off or glue the end of your wool and attach ribbon for a tail and a hanger.  Then you are ready to hang your kites.

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