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Laura Leong Guest Blog!


Every florist shop owner and every demonstrator knows that we start designing for Christmas months and months before December!

Often preparations begin by researching and finding new or interesting products that can be either used for commercial designs, or maybe as talking points for windows or even demonstration pieces.
We are also often looking to produce smaller scaled table centre ideas with reduced fresh flower content, that have impact and design longevity over the Christmas period.

I have noticed a growing trend for inventive and creative Christmas windows in florist shops, last year was the year of the “Christmas Tree Dress”. I wonder if florists will build on this theme this year, it will be interesting to see!

img_6322Every year Christmas comes early!

Now is also the time of year for many a wreath making workshop! This might be within a shop, or hosted by groups or organisations. So it is necessary to make sure we have a good stock of the seasonal favourites. Cinnamon sticks, cones, fruit slices, birch stars, felts, cords, candles and ribbons all help to put the scent and sparkle into the season. The traditional spruce rings with cinnamon are particular favourites at my own workshops.


As always there are a range of looks and trends relating to the season, from “Ice Palace” to “Rustic Scandinavian” to “Baroque Glamour” and “Rose Golds” , but this is the time of year when even the most adventurous appreciate the traditional Christmas elements!

Have a great Christmas, hope its busy and full of cheer!

Laura Leong

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