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How To: Pine Cone Angel

Have a go at making one of our pine cone angels for your Christmas tree using this how-to guide and our wide range of seasonal products at Country Baskets.


Everything you need:
Christmas Ribbon Assorted Silver (find in store)
Oasis Spray Super Silver 400ml (find in store)
Pack of 50 Maritima Pine Cones 10-14cm
Satin Double Sided Ribbon Assorted Colours 6mm x 25m
Polyshape Polystyrene Sphere Bag of 10
250 g Silver Paper Covered Wire 50 cm
Natural Forest Moss
Mini Holly Spray 30 cm
Hot Melt Glue Gun Tec 305

Step One
Spray your pine cone silver using Oasis spray super silver and leave to dry for thirty minutes.

Step Two
Using one of the polystyrene balls, create a head for the angel. First draw on a face then glue on some hair using forest moss and a glue gun. Finally, make a headband to further secure the hair.

step Three
Secure the head to the bottom of the pine cone using a glue gun.

Step Four
Tie a bow with some Christmas ribbon and glue it to the back of the angel to create wings.

Step Five
Add some arms using double sided ribbon and glue them to the pine cone on both sides. To finish the angel, glue a sprig of holly where both the pieces of ribbon meet and glue the ends of the arms over the holly.


And there you have it, your very own Pine Cone Angel! Have a go and let us know how you get on, @countrybaskets on Twitter and Facebook and @country_baskets on Instagram. We'd love to see your creations!

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