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How-to: Christmas Gift Hamper.

The perfect way to surprise anybody this Christmas. Have a go at making one of our Christmas gift hampers using our range of seasonal and craft products.


Everything you need

Chunky Wicker Display Basket 33 cm
Rustic Grapevine Wire Brown 21m
Jute Natural Ribbon 7cm x 15m
Holly Leaves Spray 68cm
Poinsettia Spray 3 Heads Red 61cm
Poplar Dried Bark 1.5 kg
Cherry Wood Pot Natural (find in store)
Xmas Ribbon AST Fun 5M (find in store)

Step One
For a really natural look start by loosely weaving some natural jute ribbon through the gaps around the rim of the basket.

Step Two
Now begin building up the greenery around the basket and insert some holy leaf spray picks around the jute ribbon.

Step Three
Continue to build up the greenery with a ____ and weave it in and out of the design.

Step Four
For added texture and colour, Cut your poinsettia spray into three and insert them into the design.

Step Five
Weave some pink, polka dot Xmas ribbon into the design.

Step Six
Finish building up the natural look with some brown rustic grape vine wire.

Step Seven
To finish, add some logs and bark.

This is a really gorgeous way to present gifts to your friends and family, but you could use your decorated basket for logs or as a festive blanket basket as well.

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