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A Poem From The Talented Students of Moreton Morrell College.

Country Baskets poem

Twas the month of December and at Warwickshire College,
the floristry students were out for a forage!

The elves at Country Baskets had sent gifts to them with care,
to help these budding florists with their creative flare!

Moreton Morrell village church was in need of a festive display,
to treat the congregation to on their Christmas day.

The students took along with them the elves floral pick and mix,
to add to their arrangements and practice some new tricks!

Sleek ornamental branches all trimmed around with holly,
squares of silver birch bark to make the ivy jolly.

Patterned paper flower wrap a very useful prop,
and sheets of mossy fabric, the perfect green backdrop.

Well the church is now a picture, a total delight,
for the village people to enjoy with carols on Christmas night!

So it only remains for us to say to the Country Basket crew,
Merry Christmas to you all and a great big thank you!!
Written by Emily Smalley.

Thank you for the lovely poem.
We're always delighted to hear from people who have enjoyed working with our products.
Here's an update from the floristry students of Moreton College.

As the festive season comes around again and we, Moreton Morrells level 2 floristry students, were given the lovely task of decorating the village church for Christmas. The thoughtful folks at country baskets had sent us an early Christmas present of a selection of products to experiment with and this was the perfect opportunity to do so. We foraged for foliage and berries foraged for our arrangements and then embellished them with our country basket goodies!!


The excitement began in the porch of the church where we arranged two topiary trees and hung a beautiful garland around the door. For these we had a lot of fun with the birch bark squares using them for both arrangements. The silvery white bark really set off the green and reds in the materials we had gathered and added interesting texture. And inside the slightly warmer church, it was a chilly day, the fun continued!


We constructed five window arrangements in classic festive colours and used artificial moss matt sheets as a fantastic base for these displays. We also incorporated some beautiful glossy twisted tree roots which were particularly nice with the simple, traditional foliage.


We had a brilliant time and having access to these new materials, as well as others, certainly helped to inspire us. Thank you Country Baskets, Merry Christmas!.

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