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How-to: Craft Rope Christmas Tree.

More Christmas craft inspiration using Country Basket's range of craft products. Have a go at making this rope tree for Christmas!.


Everything you need:
Polyshape Cone 9 x 20 cm
X2 Hemp Rope on Paper Spool
Red Pearls Reel of 4 - 6 mm x 8 m
Hot Melt Glue Gun Tec 305
Candle ring silver pearl 8CM

Step One
Start by tying together both ends of the green and natural hemp rope and glue them to the base of the foam cone.

Step Two
Begin to wrap the cone with the hemp rope all the way to the top.

Step Three
Decorate the tree with some red pearls on wire and glue the end to the top of the tree using a glue gun.

Step Four
To finish add a base using a candle ring and place a star on top of the tree.

This is a really easy and fun project to have a go at over the Christmas holidays. Merry Christmas everyone!.


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