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How-to: Decoupage Bauble.

Christmas is almost upon us!. Why not try making this decoupage bauble for your tree using our exciting range of craft and seasonal products.


Everything you need:
Polyshape Polystyrene Sphere Bag of 10
PVA Craft Glue
18 cm Multi-purpose Florists Scissors
Pack of 50 Silk Tissue Sheets Asstd Colours 50 x 75 cm
Pearl Glitter Oasis Spray 400 ml
Christmas Craft Stickers 3 Assorted (find in store)

Step One
Cut some shapes out of tissue paper using different colours.

Step Two
using PVA glue, begin pasting the tissue paper onto the foam ball. Make sure to over lap the paper as to achieve a more textured look.

Step Three
Once you have covered the entire ball leave to dry for thirty minutes. Now that its dry, spray the ball with some glitter spray and leave to dry.dsc_0690

Step Four
After the glitter spray has dried add a coat of PVA glue all over the ball and leave to dry for another thirty minutes.

Step Five
Once everything is dry, you can finish the bauble by adding a top and string. You can take these from unused or broken baubles.

And there you have it. This is a great craft project for the family and it really adds a personal touch to your Christmas tree.


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