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How-to: Valentines glitter flower box

This Valentines day why not try making one of these beautiful glitter Valentines flower boxes for that special someone in your life. You can find all of these products at Country Baskets.


Everything you need:


Foam Plate Dry 29 x 25 x 12 cm
Artificial Red Rose Spray 58 cm
Silver Flower Glitter
Flower Glue 150 ml
Olive Finland Moss 500 g
Square Flower Box Black
Ribbon Woven Edge Organza Red (find in store)
Ribbon Woven Edge Organza Silver Find in store)

Step One
Remove the plastic inner and insert a dry foam brick that has been cut to size.

Step Two
Sprinkle some moss on top of the foam. This will disguise the foam once the roses have been added.

Step Three
Cut off the heads of the roses, leaving a small part of the steam so that they can be pierced through the foam. Now spray the petals with flower glue and dip them into your glitter.

Step Four
Once the heads are dry you can insert them into the foam and arrange them as desired.

Step Five
Add some of the leaves from the rose steams to further disguise the foam underneath.

Step Six
To finish, decorate the lid with some ribbon.

And there you have it. These flower boxes are really special and the artificial flowers will last a life time.

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