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How-to: Quirky Valentines Day Card

This Valentines day why not make a card for your loved one that's a bit different using our wide range of craft products at Country Baskets.


Everything you need:

A4 Craft Card White
A4 Papercraft Card Raven Black
Stainless Steel Scissors with Orange Handle
Oasis Adhesive Spray Tack 2000
Craft Coloured Pencils Tin contains 50 (find in store)
Permanent Marker Black (find in store)

Step One
Fold a sheet of A4 card in half and print off an image of a skeleton. Stick this to one side of the card.

Step Two
Use a circular object to draw a circle in the middle of the skeleton and cut out the hole.

Step Three
On the side behind the hole stick some black card onto the page. This will help define the hole at the front.

Step Four
Draw a heart onto a piece of white card and colour it in. Then cut it out and stick onto the centre of the black card directly behind the hole so that is is visable through the hole.

Step Five
Use a red marker to write you message onto the front of the card and tear some pieces of white paper so the the message in red marker is visible on the inside of the card.


And there you have it. a Valentines day card with a difference.


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