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Boho - Wedding Inspiration 2017

Planning a wedding? Here at Country Baskets we have a wide selection of product that is perfect if you are hoping to plan your wedding yourself. Keep up to date with our wedding trend posts, to build up a catalogue of wedding inspiration.

A vibrant take on a carefree personality, Boho concentrates on the wild and luxury aspects of life. Holidays and honeymoons bring out the best in everyone. It gives people the chance to escape the busy home lifestyle and relax in a carefree environment. Boho highlights the aspects of this benefit, building up a sense of freedom through bold colours and patterns.


Deliberately contrast shapes and accessories, by using square candle holders and triangular lanterns to challenge the norm, building up a playful environment.


Combine rich yellows, and flowers that reflect full hues of pink such as gerberas and add teal accessories that erupt with personality.

Use multi-coloured ribbons, twine and fabric to suspend from the ceiling, tie to chairs and wrap your bouquet to create a handmade feel. Rich and vibrant flowers such as purple sweetpeas, make a bouquet stand out from the crowd.


Scatter tables with coloured glass vases and candle holders to build up tonal layers, creating a depth of charisma.


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