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How-to: Mother's Day Shopping Bag.

It's nearly mother's day so why not have a go at making this super fun and easy mother's day shopping bag using products from our wide range of craft supplies.


Everything you need:

Paint Your Own Shopping Bag (find in store)
Acrylic Matt Paint Pack of 6 Diffrent Colours (find in store)
Craft Stencil Foam Brushes Pack or 4 Assorted (find in store)
A4 Craft Card White
Tape Double Sided
Stainless Steel Scissors with Orange Handle
Foil Stripe Pencils

Step One
insert a sheet of A4 card into the bag. This will stop any paint bleeding through to the back of the bag.

Step Two
Using a pencil, draw your stencil and cut it out. Stick the stencil down onto the front of the bag using double sided tape.

Step Three
Dip your foam brushes into different colours of paint and splodge circles over and around the stencil until you've completely covered all of the edges of the stencil. continue the pattern outwards until you are happy.

Step Four
Once the paint has dried after 30-60 minutes you can peel the stencil of.

Step Five
Go around some of the letters with a marker pen to emphasize them.

Alternatively, you can do the same print onto a sheet of hessian; sew around the edges of the words and then sew the hessian onto a spare shopping bag.



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