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DebsyDora Crafts and Glassware

Something we love to see is our customers getting creative and using our products to make beautiful pieces. One of those talented customers is Deborah Scudamore of DebsyDora Crafts who now owns a small business selling crafts and glass which she hand paints as part of her Decoupage style. To find out more about DebsyDora and her inspiration for creating crafts then keep on reading.

Photo Credit: DebsyDora Crafts


As a trained nursery nurse who always loved her job and the creativity that went with it, I never imagined I’d now be running a small business selling glassware. But due to a break in work regarding health issues I started looking for a hobby and soon got addicted to crafts, spending endless time planning and creating my next project. But when I discovered Decoupage I knew that it was something I was going to love. But rather than the traditional style of decoupage that I'd seen on craft pages, I played with different ideas. Discovering that if I put my chosen picture onto glass then paint only around the picture I could create a great way of light coming through the glass.

I started selling my glassware at a few craft fairs and soon realised I may have found something others love too. I started to search for more glassware and materials that could be used in my creations, this is when I discovered 'Country Baskets' through meeting Steve Wood, CEO of Country Baskets, at the spring fair in Birmingham. I now have a great source of glass supplies that I can choose from at various prices to suit different people's needs.

Photo Credit: DebsyDora Crafts


I get my inspiration in various ways, always having a creative side helps but also working with young children, maybe that's where I get my passion for exploring colour from. I have found certain themes that are very popular at the moment. Stags are defiantly a favourite with customers as well as other woodland animals. My love of animals has drawn me to them but recently I have ventured into different animals that I would never have thought of originally.

Photo Credit: DebsyDora Crafts


Making each piece can take around 5 days, as each stage is best to be left to dry and settle, so a piece of plain glass can transform into something entirely different. It can be done quicker if needed but I always feel the end result is worth giving that extra time, love and care into. Most items I make can be used for flowers as well as adding lights inside to create a calming atmosphere. This is definitely a positive point when holding a stall, as people seem drawn to the light. The fact that these items are unusual and handmade seems to be very popular, as times seem to have changed and homemade is recognised more now as a craft of love and thought, not about making a quick buck!

Photo Credit: DebsyDora Crafts


I love to interact with my customers and take time to get their product right for them, as I see each piece as individual to a customer. I listen to their requests and think how I can meet their demands in the best and most meaningful way. I am gradually building up a good customer base, where many regulars come back to me for various gifts or for themselves.

I like to sell locally and support my community, holding stalls at various events. However, I am now in the process of having my glassware put into a local gift shop as well as a craft shop in Wales. I am looking forwards to continuing this journey and hope it will last for a long time to come.

Deborah Scudamore

If you are interested in purchasing from DebsyDora Crafts, check out her Facebook page by clicking here.

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