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How-to: Decoupage Lantern

This lantern can be used as interior or exterior décor and would fit anywhere due to the versatility of this project. For example, the size of the lantern can be changed and the pattern of paper can be suited to the style. There is also room for adapting the none paper elements that can be added to the design as an additional interest. This is the ideal project for the ones who want to get creative.


Everything you need:
Set of 2 Metal Chrome Lanterns
Decoupage Papers (find in store)
Decoupage Glue (find in store)
Decoupage brushes (find in store)
PVA Glue (find in store)
Feathers (find in store)
Stainless Steel Scissors with Orange Handle

Step One
Prepare the lantern for the decoupage by cleaning the surfaces that you will be gluing paper to, make sure these surfaces are dry before going onto the next step.


Step Two
Gather your selected papers, cut them and arrange them on the lantern in the desired locations. You can cut more precisely using a craft knife.


Step Three
Glue all of the pieces of paper into place using decoupage glue or PVA. It is possible to iron out all of the creases and wrinkles using a slightly damp cloth.


Step Four
Add something interesting to the design that isn’t paper, but can still be smoothed down easily using the same gluing techniques as above. In this decoupage, the use of peacock feathers added the desired effect as it was an element other than paper.


Step Five
Once everything is dry seal the design using a varnish or the same PVA glue used in the previous steps.


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