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How-to: Red Tulip Basket

This beautiful arrangement has a modern twist with the rattan sticks and willow curls giving it an aspect of fun with the use of colour. The fresh green hues with warm pink and red tones is the perfect combination for the warmer and brighter days of Spring so will bring your home to life.

Achieve this simply stunning arrangement that will turn heads and ‘wow’ guests whilst also being easy to do, so give it a go and brighten up your home just in time for Spring.


Everything you need:
Rattan Wall Flower Basket Large Grey (find in store)
Sisal Red (find in store)
Artificial Parrot Tulip Pink Mix (find in store)
Wooden Pick with Chalkboard (find in store)
Willow Curley Apple Green
Rattan Bundle Lime

Step One
Place an arrangement of tulips into your flower basket, these are quite long so trim the steams if necessary.


Step Two
These flowers are quite stiff when they’re new so bend some of the tulip steams to add movement within the arrangement.


Step Three
Add some vivid red sisal around the rim of the basket to create a collar, this will hid the gaps around the tulip stems to make the arrangement look full.


Step Four
Insert green rattan sticks into the red sisal. The contrasting colours will help make this arrangement more visually interesting.


Step Five
Add some green curly willow sticks throughout the tulips, this will add height and interest to the arrangement.


Step Six
For the final touches add a small chalkboard pick so you can add a handwritten message.


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