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How-to: Geometric Hanging Decorations

These delicate looking yet super easy to do decorations are perfect for any garden or house party. With the opportunity to make this project unique to your style or theme, this is an effective decoration idea that the whole family can get involved in.

For example, the use of patterned or different coloured papers and changing the size of the decorations will create a completely new and fun affect.


Everything you need:
A4 card
Double sided tape
Pencil or pen

Step One
Cut two pieces of A4 card into squares of 21 x 21 cm, this card can be any colour of your choice. Each step need to be done twice so there are two section that fit together to form the geometric shape.


Step Two
Begin by folding the card four ways until your square looks like the final image in the photo collage above.


Step Three
Once you have achieved the folded shape in the first image, start folding the ends of the triangle shapes inwards on both sides until you get a diamond shape.


Step Four
As you won’t need the excess card, cut off the end of the diamond shape.


Step Five
Open up the card and refold the part underneath to form an accordion shape. Once again, fold the ends of all the triangles on all sides inwards to meet the center.

It should look like this.


Step Six
Open out the card as pictured and attach pieces of doubled sided tape to the ends. This will stick both cones to one another.


Step Seven
Join both pieces together and… voila!.


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