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How-to: Rustic Bud Vase

The rustic aspects to the arrangement creates a bohemian feel that can work just as well as a stand allow piece or as an addition to an already rustic home. It’s the perfect piece that will bring warmth and interest to any space in the household.

The mix of wood, glass and fresh flowers is what gives this arrangement the rustic feel and the use of test tubes gives an upcycling effect which results in the bohemian feel.


Everything you need:
Birch Wood Slice 12-15 cm
Glass Test Tubes Set of 5
Wire Blue Stub 1.8 x 450mm
Green Plane Tree Fruit
Fresh Orchid Heads
Tube of Oasis Floral Adhesive
Paper covered wire

Step One
With sharp pliers, cut about an inch off the end of the first piece of stub wire. This is so a point is created which can then be inserted into the wood.

This will need to be done three times so you have the correct amount to stems needed for the arrangement.


Step Two
Take the stub wire with your pliers for a secure grip and hold firmly over the wood slice, nock it into the wood so it stands up right.


Step Three
Once you have secured the three pieces of stub wire into the wood, trim the ends of each piece to create an ascending effect that flows down the structure of the arrangement.


Step Four
Put plane tree fruit onto the tops of the wire for visual balance and to cover the sharp ends that are exposed from cutting the wire.


Step Five
Tie paper covered wire around the test tubes and secure them to the stub wire so they climb upwards.


Step Six
To finish the base of this arrangement, add some clusters of plane tree fruit around the bottom of the stub wire. This will hid the joint where the wire meets the wood and make the piece look whole.


Step Seven
To finish the arrangement, fill the test tubes with water and the flower of your choice. We’ve used orchids as they complement the theme of the piece.


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