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How-to: Textured Wall Garden

The idea of putting artificial and fresh together has become a relevant trend that is now being used throughout the floristry world, the different textures that artificial and fresh bring can create a unique and interesting effect that will keep people guessing.

The bright and bold colour palette of this wall garden creates a refreshing feel to the piece that will successfully bring life to any room of the house as well as creating visual interest.


You will need:
Box frame natural
Oasis Spray Colour Lime
Square glass cube
Oasis floral adhesive tube
Succulent Plants in Pots Six Designs
Birch Bark 24x23cm Pack of 5
Artificial Thistle And Leaf Spray Cream
Green plane tree fruit
Dried Midollino Apple
Wet foam

Step One
Remove the glass and back from the frame and spray paint it green. Discard the glass in the safest way possible as you will not need it for this project.


Step Two
Once the paint has dried, reattach the back and begin building up the main focal points of the wall garden, it’s best to start with artificial succulent plant pots. Cluster them randomly in the frame by hot gluing them in place.

Continue building the focal points by adding glass cubes, wood slices and birch bark.


Step Three
Add some texture to the design using artificial thistle and dried plane tree fruit, this is also a good way to add colour to the arrangement.


Step Four
Carefully cut wet foam to fit the glass cubes and insert them ready for the fresh Kalanchoe.

Weave artificial thistle stems and apple green Midollino sticks throughout the design, securing them to the frame using a staple gun.


Step Five
Finish the main focal points by adding the fresh Kalanchoe into the wet foam.


Step Six
Complete the arrangement by decorating the frame with Begonia and fresh Ceropegia.


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