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The Great Yorkshire Show

This years Great Yorkshire Show has always been a big success in the farming and agricultural industries, due to how prestigious the 159-year-old show is, but as the market is progressing the organisers are branching out into other markets of interest. Which is why there has been the introduction of floristry as something that goes well with the already current industry that the show hosts.

Picture from last years show - group picture of the demonstrations

Like the year before, Country Baskets are sponsoring sundries towards workshops that will be demonstrating floral arrangements and crafts in support of the new industries being invited to partake in the show.

To get a better understanding of the show we spoke to Joan O'brien who gave us an insight into the workings of the show and how they plan the workshops. As this is Joan’s fourth year organising she says that there is a noticeable success in the workshops, which can be seen in the size of the surprisingly mixed crowds that are attracted to the floristry.

Picture from last years show - the crowd attracted all kinds of people

Something that can be seen over the previous years is the growth in crowds, so much so that this year Joan and the demonstrators have had to increase the number of workshops they do. As only twelve people can partake in a workshop at one time they have increased this from four demonstrations a day to six a day. This will therefore include more planning and designing on Joan’s behalf but something that she and the demonstrators have commented on is how rewarding the experience is.

Picture from last years show - showing the diversity of the crowd

Joan then went on to say “Seeing the smiles on people’s faces makes everything worthwhile. Just seeing them surprise themselves with what they have created and then being able to take these creations home with them is truly rewarding.” Everything for the arrangements and crafts is provided as well as vouchers for purchasing at any Country Baskets store, which hopefully encourages people to continue on there floristry journeys.

Picture from last years show - one of the final pieces that were created

Overall the workshops have become a way to get hands on with a new craft for a lot of people, hopefully leading to new interests and a chance to learn techniques. The influence of team spirit and everyone getting stuck in throughout the show gives a friendly feel to the workshops that seems to resonates with the individuals of the demonstrations.

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