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What's Country Baskets doing at Leeds Castle?

We are very excited to announce that this year we are getting involved with the famous Festival of Flowers at Leeds Castle, Kent this September. The festival is created using stunning fresh blooms, however Country Baskets will be taking along Chelsea award winning florist, Tracy Rowbottom, to work her magic with our stunning faux flowers.

The Festival of Flowers’ impressive line-up of events will leave you feeling inspired, featuring: gorgeous floral creations by world renown designers, demonstrations throughout the event, specialist talks and tours of the beautiful gardens. This event is definitely worth a visit!

Credit: Neil Whittaker at the Leeds Castle - Festival of Flowers 2016

This year’s theme for the festival is ‘An Enchanted Castle’ in which Tracy will be dressing the Barbican and Fortified Mill at the entrance to the Castle. The ancient arches already have an organic feel as moss has been growing for centuries, which acts as a beautiful base for the flowers that will be cascading down the ancient walls. Combining the natural organic elements of the exhibition space with faux flowers will create a gorgeous feel that will welcome visitors not only to the event and grounds of the castle, but also the theme of this year’s Festival of Flowers.

Picture taken by Tracy Rowbottom: the Barbican and Fortified Mill

Picture taken by Tracy Rowbottom: the Barbican and Fortified Mill

“Enchantment in the eyes that look, enchantment through the eyes that see.” - Valerie Dohren
Is a quote chosen by Tracy and used as the title of her installations for the Festival of Flowers, this goes hand in hand with the idea of an enchanted castle whilst similarly giving the installation uniqueness. Carrying on the story of ‘An Enchanted Castle’ through the medium of flowers will be designers such as Simon Lycett, Solomon Leong and Dennis Kneepens, who will be creating pieces and arrangements for the interior of the castle.

There will be a stunning array of some of the best florists in the UK attending this year’s Festival, including names like Tina Parkes of the Academy of Floral Art and RHS Chelsea Gold Medallist Di Marvell, Amy Curtis who designed last year and Louise Roots who won Gold at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. With so many fabulous names been confirmed for the event, the hype this year is understandable!

Credit: Leeds Castle - Festival of Flowers 2016

Wild Roses, Orchids, thistles and vines will be the stars of Tracy’s installations for the event, which will work perfectly with the natural moss of the ancient walls. Influences for the installations have been taken from the stunning buildings and landscapes in the surrounding gardens but also the emphasis on a truly enchanted feel. The textures and shapes of the materials for this design have been chosen to sit beautifully with the surroundings while telling a unique story of their own. The flowers and materials to be used in the designs are available from Country Baskets collections.

Photos by Country Baskets: Faux flower arrangement

Photo by Country Basket: Faux flower collection

To be a part of the event and all of the beauty that will be displayed throughout the castle and its grounds, make sure to take a trip this September. To purchase tickets, make your way to the Leeds Castle website where you can also find information for what’s on and specifics for the Festival of Flowers.

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