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How-to: Rustic Bark Stand

This unique piece uses cork bark squares and moss to create an organic look for the stand that would look perfect in any rustic setting. The addition of hidden test tubes means that artificial or fresh flowers can be used to add a finishing touch to the piece, which will bring the whole piece together.

The unique way in which the bark squares are used for this piece means that a standing structure was created that holds flowers or greenery, showing that the simplest of items can also be versatile.


You will need:
Dried Wild Canna
Dried Cork Stoned Washed Bark
Dried Midollino Sticks - White
Finland Moss Pres Natural
Plastic Test Tubes
Glue Gun

Step One
Drill a hole through the center of each cork bark square so that they can be pierced by the canna stick. Only drill through 3-4 squares at a time for safety reasons and make sure to keep your figures away from the drill bit.


Step Two
Build the bark up on the canna stick by using a glue gun to secure the squares which will stop them moving around too much.


Step Three
Using the glue gun, add test tubes into the design by sticking them in between the squares of bark. This will allow you to add water for fresh flowers if desire to use them instead of artificial.


Step Four
Disguise the tops of the test tubes with moss, this will add a different texture to the overall design and hide the plastic that would have been visible.


Step Five
Add Midollion sticks by gluing an end to one side of the bark squares then bending the Midollion stick over to glue the other end to the other side of the squares. This will create a loop with the sticks that adds interest and colour to the stand.


Step Six
This unique bark stand can be finished off with either fresh or artificial flowers. If you plan on using fresh make sure to add water to the test tubes for longevity.


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