1. Royal Flowers and Hidden Secrets - Queen Elizabeth

     ©dailymail After Queen Victoria, our next Bride we look at is Queen Elizabeth and her gorgeous bouquet... Read more »

  2. Royal Flowers and Hidden Secrets - Queen Victoria

    Taking a look back through history to refresh our minds and decipher any messages hidden... Read more »

  3. Oasis Bio Floral Foam

    We've recently launched a much-awaited product in our Country Baskets stores and online...Oasis Bio Floral... Read more »

  4. College Visit: The Sheffield College

    The Sheffield College welcomed Country Baskets into their inspiring floristry room, where all things floral... Read more »

  5. How to: Decorate Mr & Mrs Letters

    With there being so many way to decorate this pack, creating something unique for your... Read more »

  6. Crafty Creative: Spring Pinecone Wreath

    This spring themed wreath uses pastel colours and a rustic texture to create a home... Read more »

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