1. Leeds Castle: Day 2 of Festival of Flowers Prep

    Here is our second day of preparing the courtyard and Barbican walls of the beautiful... Read more »

  2. Leeds Castle: Day 1 Festival of Flowers Prep

    We had a fabulous time at the wonderful Leeds Castle​ last week, with the Festival... Read more »

  3. Festival of Flowers: The Country Baskets Experience

    Country Baskets are having a fabulous week at Leeds Castle in Kent, at this year’s... Read more »

  4. Preparation for Leeds Castle

    With the opening date for the Festival of Flowers looming, the preparation has started! With... Read more »

  5. Crafty Creative: Animal Masks

    These fun Animal Masks are a great idea for kids parties or a craft project... Read more »

  6. How-to: Rustic Bark Stand

    This unique piece uses cork bark squares and moss to create an organic look for... Read more »

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