Bridal bouquets are forever changing. Just as in fashion, trends come and go but there are always timeless styles that stay a popular choice. Most common styles are a Posy, Shower Bouquet, or a Hand-tie, now even though the most popular style, no two bouquets are the same. By using techniques such as wiring, gluing and massing gives a more personalised design. Now of course your choices are by no means limited, therefore if your imagination is wild enough, so will be your bouquet. The world is changing and creativity is thriving. It is great to see so many new ideas and techniques emerging. Talking with florist Dean Sharpe, he shares some of the bouquets he has created either for brides or as inspiration, as well as sharing knowledge and tips.

Hand-Tie Bouquets

Not long ago I visited Dean in his Studio, if you missed that you can read all about it here. While in preparation for a wedding the next day, I watched the process of him make a hand-tie bouquet. He makes everything look so easy, I can assure you it is not!

While cutting off the flower heads to add to another design, Dean made a point of keeping some stems. I was confused at first but when I saw this it all made sense.

To keep the Hydrangeas looking their best, he gave them their own water supply in a lidded test tube. Dean then attached the tube to the stems using stemtex. This clever little trick allows the tubes to blend into the bouquet perfectly and adds a more natural touch thån just using wire.

The bouquet was finished off with gorgeous sparkly mickey mouse pins and silver sequin ribbon. Dani, the bride, loved the bouquet, and the bridesmaid followed in suit with smaller versions to carry.

Photo credit to SamanthaJaynePhotography


Photo credit to SamanthaJaynePhotography


This was a beautiful more relaxed hand-tie! With the foliage very visible and placed at varying heights to the flowers which are also loosley graduated, it has an overall organic feel. A much more popular style these days compared to a more crisp domed hand-tie posy.


Tip from Dean: "When doing a hand tied design I always use bind wire first to secure the bouquet and then use pot tape before tying the ribbon." 


Hand-tie With a Difference

Dean was asked to make this gorgeous bouquet with a twist. Incorporating Mr Kipling's cakes into the design was a first for Dean and certainly a first for me. Although an unusual request, how amazing does it look, good enough to eat!


Photo credit to AndyLiPhotography 


Photo credit to AndyLiPhotography


Tip from Dean: "When adding cakes to a bouquet like this I froze the cakes first and then wired them into the design."


Structured Posy

Using an Oasis heart shaped posy holder Dean created this beautiful design, using the textures and movement of the mosses to soften the line of the heart.Showing you a less traditional but still very chic style for a bridal bouquet.


Tip from Dean: "The oasis holder is a fun design that plenty of brides have been asking for and you can use so many different small flowers, foliage and plant materials. Tip, I also cover the back and handle before I do the flowers." 


Shower Bouquet

Going much more traditional, Dean has used a fresh colour palette in this shower bouquet design. A wedding favourite throughout the years and a bouquet style choice for brides such as Princess Diana.


Tip from Dean: "In this design, all the flowers and foliage where wired into the bouquet holder as this makes the flowers and foliage more secure in the design."


Alternative Bouquets

With trends changing significantly over the years and people embracing their creativity more and more, ideas are as fresh as can be. The pressure is on to wow people these days so more exciting and unusual trends are surfacing. Dean has designed these alternative bouquets for a much more minimalist look and feel. Intricate and delicate, they emit a whimsical and magical feel.


Tip from Dean: "I used 17 wires for this design but you can use more and make it more detailed.  Fan designs are great as you can use lots of different items to build the base of the frame to attach or glue the flowers too."


This dainty crescent design is so enchanting and perfect for a minimalist and organic feeling wedding in the woods. Dean has kept it quite neutral with the colour scheme but it could be completely transformed with a use of bold colours.


Tip from Dean: "I used a cardboard frame to make the design and used wire to support the cardboard. I covered it with the new range of velour ribbon from country baskets. I then used small flowers and foliage."



Thank you Dean for this little insight. There is so much choice for a bridal bouquet, we have shown you just a snapshot of styles. We haven't even started on the choice of flowers or foliage!! To all you brides-to-be trying to decide what style you want, good luck! To all the florists in such a rewarding and beautiful job, keep up the good work!


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