After listening to feedback from many customers and carefully reviewing our existing policies, we have decided that allowing children and babies into the store was a positive move.

This was a big step for Country Baskets, but allowing children into stores seemed like the perfect way to allow busy workers to have a chance to shop with us. We understand that it is difficult to run a full time business and still make time for family, opening Country Baskets to children allows you to do your job while still spending time with the children.

This also meant that the older children; who have for years been sat in the car waiting for parents or have had to stay at home can now join their parents for a visit filled with inspiration and ideas. Allowing this is great way to inspire a whole new generation of florists, crafters, artists, designers and wedding planners.

The policy change will continue to be monitored in order to ensure everybody benefits. If you have any queries, please contact help@cbmarketing.co.uk