Hampers are the ideal way to dress up your gifts to ensure that they look extra special this Christmas. Invest in some good cellophane, beautiful ribbon and a suitable basket and you are good to go!


Keep reading to find out how to make your own Christmas Hamper.



What you will need:

Pull bows | RaffiaHandled Basket | Cellophane | Scissors - Find me in-store | Sellotape - Find me in-store | String - Find me in-store


Step one: 

Roll out the cellophane on to the table and place the basket in the middle. Make sure to leave enough cellophane to cover the front and back of the basket and to leave plenty of room at the top for some pretty frills.  We measured 60 cm from the top of the basket to the top of the cellophane.

Once you have the perfect measurements for your basket cut your cellophane to size.


Step Two:

Add in your filler and arrange your presents inside the basket.


Step Three:

Take the front and back sections of the cellophane and lift them up so they meet at the top, pressing them tight against the basket.

Now, starting at either end of the cellophane start to pinch it towards the center. Keep a firm grip and pleat until all the cellophane has been folded towards the middle. Then secure this using string and pinch the pleats up.



Step Four:

Neatly fold the sides of the cellophane to the back of the basket and secure in place with sellotape.


Step Five:

Take your pull bow, and pull the inner ribbons to create the finished bow. Then tie this on to your hamper, and there you have it your completed hamper in five easy steps!



The beauty of a Christmas hamper is that you can personalise it however you like. So, make up your own Christmas gift hampers and spread smiles on your families and friends’ faces!

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