1. Floral Demonstration at The Gables Hotel

    What a relaxing and enjoyable start to the working week. Tracy was demonstrating at The... Read more »

  2. Will you be my Bridesmaid? Proposal Inspiration

    Will you be my Bridesmaid? Proposals are hugely popular right now and are the perfect... Read more »

  3. Wedding Demonstrations - Sunday 24th June

    Sunday 24th June had every store thriving with excitement with our guest florists hosting Wedding... Read more »

  4. British Flowers Week - Anna Brian

    It’s British Flowers Week ! We've got involved by interviewing one of our customers, Anna... Read more »

  5. St Cuthbert's Hospice: Sunflower Memories Appeal

    We had the honour of sponsoring the wonderful St Cuthbert's Hospice for their 2018 Sunflower... Read more »

  6. World Wide Knit in Public Day

    ©Katia The 9th of June brings us ‘World Wide Knit in Public Day’ so we... Read more »

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