This week we are sharing with you how we created this gorgeous faux flower wreath.

They are super easy to create and look fantastic. You can make it simple, like we have using a few stems or adorn the wreath with faux flowers, whatever your budget and style allows.

Step one: Attach your greenery.

Once you have chosen your selection of Artificial Flowers and Greenery it's time to get started! You can either layout your selection on top of the wreath to design it before wiring to the frame or you can just go for it!

One at a time, wire your greenery stems to your wreath, we have used wire to attach our greenery. Wrap the wire a few times around the stems to make it really secure, however, if you feel this isn't secure enough you could always use a hot glue gun. 

We are choosing to only decorate one side of the moon wreath, as we like the look of the exposed metal, however, if you wish to decorate the whole thing then feel free to do so.

Step Two: Add your feature flowers.

For the feature flower and filler flowers we have used Artificial Floral Peony Bundle and split it into single stems. 

Take your feature flowers and wire these in-between the two stems of greenery where the wreath looks sparse, making sure to fluff out the flowers as you go.


Step Three: Fill in the gaps.

Using your filler flowers, wire these to your wreath to fill in the gaps and to cover any visible wire and stems.


Step Four: Attach ribbon/string and display.

Tie ribbon/string to the wreath, it has to be something which will be strong enough to take the weight of the wreath.

Ta-da, doesn't it look pretty!

What we used:

Indie moon wreath 

Artificial Floral Peony Bundle

Eucalyptus Spray x 2

Wire reel

Wire cutters - find in store


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