Have a go at making this bright and colourful vase arrangement Using fresh flowers and some of our beautiful floristry supplies.


Everything you need:
Selection of fresh flowers
Bouquet Glass Vase Diamond Pink (find in store)
Kraft Hand Tie Bag Floral Gift Box (find in store)
Birch Wood Flowers Multi Coulours (find in store)
Chantilly Lace Sheets Mixed Pack (find in store)
Stainless Steel Scissors with Orange Handle
Raffia Light Apple 150 g

Step One
Use your fresh flowers to gradually build up a spiral design.


Step Two
Using a piece of raffia, tie the bouquet together. Once the bouquet is secure cut off some of the stems to so that the bouquet can fit into the glass vase.


Step Three
Place the bouquet into the glass vase and cut away the raffia that was supporting the spiral shape.


Step Four
Fold a sheet of lace cellophane so that it falls nicely into the gift bag.


Step Five
Put the bouquet into the hand tie bag.


Step Six
Add some more colour and visual flow to the arrangement by weaving some green raffia around the fresh flowers.


Step Seven
To finish, use pieces of green raffia and tie some birch flower shapes onto the raffia.


And there you have it. A beautiful and fresh arrangement that would make the perfect gift or a wonderful display piece.