It's never too early for Christmas! Take a look at these new and cute Christmas craft stickers, just one of many new Christmas craft supplies we've recently received in stores. So why not Have a go at making one of these cute Christmas cards with all of the fantastic Christmas craft items now available?



Everything You Will Need:

A4 White Card - find in store

Craft Embellishment Christmas Light Pack Of 40 

Star Gems - find in store

Black Marker Pens - find in store

Pencil - find in store


Step One:

Fold an A4 piece of paper in half.


Step Two:

Begin drawing your Christmas tree onto the front of the card.


Step Three:

Using glue, stick some glitter onto the tree.



Step Four:

Add some Christmas lights to the tree. These are self adhesive so you don't have to worry about gluing them down.


Step Five:

Finish the tree design by adding a star to the top.

Step Six:

Finish the card with a message.


And there you have it!

Why not start early this year and get all of your Christmas cards sorted?

If you have created your own Christmas card why not tag us using @countrybaskets or #countrybaskets. We just love to see your creativity!