If you're someone who wants to make your own wedding cards then look no further. Follow this how-to guide and have a go at making your very own bride and groom wedding card that could easily be turned into an invite, using our wide range of wedding and craft supplies.


Everything you will need:

A4 Black Card - find in store

Craft Embossed Card Butterfly - find in store

Craft Embossed Card Buttons - find in store

Craft Assorted Pearls - find in store


Step One:

Create the base of the card by folding a piece of black A4 card in half.

Step Two:

Begin Creating the groom by drawing a diamond shape onto embossed card and cutting it out.

Add buttons using small adhesive pearls and a bow tie made from the same black card.

Complete the groom design by adding details to the tuxedo using the same black card.


Step Three:

Now create the bride by cutting a wedding dress shape out of butterfly embossed card.

Step Four:

Stick the bride and groom designs onto the front of the card.

And there you have it!

An easy to make wedding card that could also be turned into a wedding invite.


Why not have a go at creating your own bride and groom wedding card and tag us using @countrybaskets or #countrybaskets. We love to see your creativity!