Decorating for a Halloween party can get expensive, especially when you're adding all of the finishing touches. So why not DIY it and get creative with this creepy and unsettling eyeball rose that will look great in an arrangement or on it's own? It's perfect for those subtle yet spooky finishing touches?


Everything you will need:

Open Bud Red Rose 63 cm 

Polystyrene Sphere

Red Fineliner - find in store

Coloured Markers Pens - find in store

Decoupage Glue - find in store

White Acrylic Paint - find in store


Step One:

Remove the inner petals from your rose. This will be where the eyeball will sit.


Step Two:

If you don't have a novelty eyeball lying around, begin creating the eyeball for your rose. You can spend as much or as little time as you wish but bare in mind that the more realistic the eyeball looks, the more convincing the overall effect will be.

Start by adding the iris colour

then add the pupil with a black marker pen.


Step Three:

Draw a faint line around the iris and add some reflections using white acrylic paint.


Step Four:

Once dry, add a layer of decoupage glue to create a shiny look. For extra effect, add some blood vessels to the whites of the eyeball for a creepy bloodshot look.


Step Five:

Using a glue gun, stick the eyeball into the centre of the rose.


And there you have it!

Stay spooky this Halloween whilst not spending too much of your hard-earned cash.



Why not have a go at creating your own eyeball rose and tag us using @countrybaskets or #countrybaskets. We love to see your creativity!