We have for you another blog as part of our 'Styling Artificial Flowers & Greenery' series. Today we are teaching you how you can create your own faux orchid arrangement at home!

What you will need to make your Faux Orchid Arrangement:

Plant pot- Find me in store| Gravel/Stones- Find me in store| Artificial Orchid Stems | Artificial Orchid Leaves | Foam Brick | Foam Knife- Find me in store

Step One: 

Using a foam knife cut your oasis brick so that it will fit securely inside your pot. You can use the excess foam to fill in any gaps in the plant pot.

Step Two:

Place your orchid stems in to the floral foam. We placed one nearer to the front of the pot and another towards the back so that they didn't sit inline.

Step Three:

At this point the orchid stems are being held secure by the floral foam, however to secure even more we have placed stones around the stems. This also makes the arrangement look more natural.

Step Four: 

Insert your orchid roots and leaves in to the floral foam, just towards the front of the stem and in between the stones. Using orchid roots and leaves makes the whole arrangements look real and authentic

Step Five: 

Gently mould the stems to the shape you want. We kept one fairly straight and bent the other on an angle. We also shaped the orchid leaves to mimic how real orchid leaves would look

Here is the finished look :)

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