It's almost Halloween! Have you sorted out your costume yet? While the Mexican Day of the Dead isn't until November 1st, why not embrace this special celebration when planning your costume with this beautiful sugar skull mask?


Everything you will need:

Craft Paper Mache Face Mask - find in store

Flat White Spray Paint

Marker Pens - find in store

Selection of artificial flower heads


Step One:

Spray your paper mache mask white. This will provide a good base to work on.


Step Two:

Using a black marker pen, add big black eyes and a nose to simulate a skull.


Step Three:

Now add black lips and extend the smile to the edge of the mask for spooky effect.


Step Four:

Build up the design by embellishing the mask with patterns using a black marker pen.





Step Five:

Using coloured marker pens, add some colour to your mask.



Step Six:

Create a floral crown for your sugar skull using old and unused artificial flower heads.



Build up the flower crown




Step Seven:

Cover up any stems or glue spots using leaves and greenery.



And there you have it!

A beautiful mask for Halloween that is a little different.




Why not have a go at creating your own sugar skull mask and tag us using @countrybaskets or #countrybaskets. We love to see your creativity!