This chic gift wrapping is the perfect way to bring metallic to your Christmas day, in a subtle and elegant way. The copper bells and silver velvet ribbon work beautifully together with the rustic feel of the brown paper, to create an idyllic Christmas vibe right under your Christmas tree.

So gift wrap to impress this year with Country Baskets blogs. For inspiration on rustic gift wrapping click here, or to explore a more traditionally festive gift wrapping click here.

Step One:
Start with wrapping the box in brown paper, then continue wrapping with cellophane. This gives a beautiful layered effect that brings the rustic feel of the brown paper together with the elegance of the metallic cellophane perfectly.

Step Two:
Next, cut a large length of silver velvet ribbon and start to wrap it around the gift, wrap the ribbon twice around the width and length of the gift.

Step Three:
Then tie a bow, this can be a relaxed bow as the overall effect of this gift wrapping is slightly loose. If there is any ribbon left over from tying the bow just trim this off to ensure that the bow looks neat.

Step Four:
Next, grab some string and cut a length long enough to put through the loop of a bell and then secure it to the ribbon. Do this twice in total for the finishing touches of the gift wrapping.

Step Five:
Place the string around the ribbon and tie them together to secure the bell as close to the bow as possible, then cut any excess string off from the knot and tuck it under the bow.

The metallic patterned cellophane layered over the brown paper creates a beautiful effect that will look simple stunning wrapped around piles of gifts under the tree on Christmas day. With there being a tie in colour with the cellophane pattern and ribbon as well as the brown paper and copper bells, this gift wrapping brings colour and textures together in a beautifully festive way!