With a personality like Julie’s she's hard to forget. Julie Pearson has a bubbly and helpful nature which wins you over instantly, quickly followed by her talent. Julie ´fell´ into floristry at the age of 15 while looking for a trade after leaving school. While searching, an apprenticeship opportunity in floristry arose and she has never looked back! Working hard from then onward, Julie has completed her level 5 and earned her NDSF title in floristry. Level 6 may be on the cards next.

Julie is currently a freelance florist but beforehand was studio based. Julie had her own floristry events company for approximately 7 years so is experienced in many areas. An abundance of similar companies gave Julie a push to try a different avenue in floristry and she became freelance. The freedom she experienced as a freelancer  was incredible.  Being able to choose what jobs to take and what best suited her style was brilliant. It also enabled Julie to concentrate more on her family. She still enjoys these benefits in addition to all the opportunities that have become possible by meeting so many wonderful people.

[caption id="attachment_10903" align="alignnone" width="768"] Julie Pearson and Johnathon Moseley at Tatton.[/caption]


The Chelsea Flower Show is such a prestigious event. To win a medal here is a recognition known by the general public as well as florists. Winning a silver medal in the spring was a highlight of Julies career. A proud achievement she will strive to top at the next opportunity.


Julie Pearson And Country Baskets

We were first introduced to Julie when she attended a focus group with us. Julie and Tracy had crossed paths previously while working in the floristry industry. After that first introduction, Julie became a point of contact for demonstrations and help with installations etc. In fact Julie was with us at Southport Flower Show. Designing table centers for the VIP area and doing a demonstration, she was very busy. Still she had time to help us on the stall!

[caption id="attachment_10904" align="alignnone" width="768"] Country Baskets workshop taught by Julie.[/caption]


 Southport Flower Show

The theme was 'Once upon a Time' and instantly Julie was drawn to the story, Alice in Wonderland. After taking a trip to a book shop she left with Alice in Wonderland books to use as part of the designs. Julie went with two different styles, one paper based the other glass and wood, but both delightfully intriguing.

As well as Southport Julie joins us at many other shows. We were just together at Fleurex.


Julie's Southport Demonstration

Demonstrations are sometimes a chance to be free as a florist and this one was for Julie. One of the designs was a perfect representation of her style she told me.  A style she also used in the VIP area. She says her style is organic, in season and as natural as possible. This could be interpreted in many ways but for Julie this wood and glass design is what she means.

This design is the one that Julie believes is a great representation of her personal style. I love it!

"hydrangeas are great for hiding your mechanics" - Julie Pearson




Question Time

Something in the industry you wish to change?

Julie replied with Education. She believes it's so important and that it needs to be more affordable. Training and Development should be easier to access for all types of people.


Have A Good Day!