Floral statement pieces can completely transform your wedding venue, creating a show-stopping talking point that defines the style and theme of your big day.


Wedding venues are usually selected because they create the right feel for the wedding, they are compatible with the theme and size of the wedding and so if you look at the space and layout carefully you will find areas where you can create sensational flower statements but using less flowers, by choosing the right spot and using features of the room a lot of the work is done for you.


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Before you choose styles of arrangements:-

  • Decide on your layout; work out the flow of guests approaching the venue and through the area throughout the day.
  • Look at outside space as well.
  • Choose your table accessories- napkins, favours, chair backs
  • Identify any areas that lend themselves to display, create a focal point (such as a raised dais, ornate fireplace or a beautiful window).
  • Remember the venue will be full of people on the day so designs need to be bold enough not to drown in a sea of people.

When you have decided all of that you can start to design your pieces. To create maximum impact:-

  • Approaching the venue and in the grounds select natural areas to enhance with carefully placed fresh flowers.
  • Design a floral statement piece as a welcome to the guests; choose a knock out spot that they can’t fail to see as they arrive, so that it sets the feel for the event.
  • Choose your focal point in the main room, bearing in mind it will be full of guests, the tables will be laid and most of the attention throughout the event will be focussed towards the bride and groom. This is where you place your main statement piece.


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Tips when creating designs

  • Use natural/existing features to base your designs around.
  • Be clever with props and lighting to maximise impact and reduce the amount of flowers required. This could be up lighters, crystals and glassware, crates and baskets or even shabby packing trunks as long as they are chosen carefully to match the theme and show off the flowers to their best advantage.
  • Use lots of seasonally available foliage emphasised with flowers of toning soft colours and burst of strong colour to draw the eye through the designs.
  • Ensure the colours sit well with table decor so that the flowers and the dressed table sit well together creating a flow through the room from the welcome piece to the focal design.

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