You may have noticed that the houseplant trend is really starting to bloom and your Instagram feed will be full with #monsteramondays, succulent displays and houses filled with gorgeous potted houseplants. 

As beautiful as real houseplants are, they just aren't ideal for those with allergies, pets and those who aren't green fingered. To help, we have put together a series of blogs to show you how to style our artificial greenery to make it look super lifelike and on trend!

First up in our 'Styling Artificial Greenery' series is a potted philodendron plant.



What you will need

Plant pot- we recommend 15 cm | Moss | Split Philo Plant |Brick of Oasis


flat lay of products

Step One:

Firstly you need to measure and cut out your floral foam so it sits snug in your container. Once you have done this place the foam in the centre of your pot. If you do feel like you need extra security then you can use some floral tape to fix it to the pot. 


oasis block- styling artificial greenery

Step Two:

Place the stem of your greenery in to the centre of the block of Oasis. Remember, once you have placed your stem in oasis it will leave a hole, so try to get your positioning correct the first time.


styling artificial greenery

Step Three:

The stems of the philo plant are wired which means you can bend the stems any way you like! This makes the finished look much more natural and organic.


styling artificial greenery

Step Four:

A great way to finish off your artificial potted plant and to make it look even more realistic is to add natural accents such as moss and stones. We have used asia moss to fill the gaps and to hide the block of oasis.


styling artificial greenery


Ta-da! Now it is time to position your plant in your home and fool all of your friends and family. They wont believe it when you say it isn't real!


styling artificial greenery


We hope you found this 'Styling Artificial Greenery' blog useful and would love to see your creations made using our Country Baskets products. Please tag us on social media, using @countrybaskets #countrybaskets.

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