The first signs of Spring have bloomed meaning the season of warmer weather and new growth is upon us. In our opinion, there is no better way to celebrate than with an arrangement of Tulips in beautiful blush and cool yellow tones. The addition of fresh greenery was used to lift the piece and the result was simply stunning and defiantly worth a try.


You will need:
Rattan Oval Flower Planter Large Plastic Lined (find in store)
Foam Brick Dry Shrink-wrapped 23 x 11 x 8 cm (find in store)
Artificial Prestige Tulip Bundle Yellow (find in store) x3
Artificial Prestige Tulip Bundle Pink
Preserved Indian Moss 1.5 Kg
Sisal Light Apple (find in store)
Rattan Bundle Red
Wooden Pick with Chalkboard (find in store)

Step One
Cut some dry foam to fit the woven Rattan basket, this needs to be snug so the arrangement stays upright.


Step Two
Insert the bundles of Tulips into the foam, staggering them will create visual flow so make sure to take this into consideration when you are arranging the basket.


Step Three
Place the Indian moss around the base of the Tulips to disguise the foam.


Step Four
Stretch out some apple green Sisal and wrap around the rim of the basket to create a collar, this will add interest to the basket.


Step Five
Cut the Rattan sticks to size and casual place them through the Sisal to create contrast in colour, you can re-size them once they’re in the Sisal for ease.


Step Six
For the final touches add a small chalkboard pick so you can add a handwritten message.